The Razer Viper’s headlining feature would have to be its speed. That has a lot to do with weight – or lack of it. The standard model sits at a dainty 0.15lbs (69g), which is a whole lot less than the competition. This allows the mouse to glide effortlessly across your mouse pad with a minimal amount of force.

Secondly, the Viper has some noteworthy tech under the hood. Indeed, it packs a speedy 5G optical sensor and the capacity for up to 16,000 DPI.

The real stars are Razer’s Optical Switches, though. The Viper is the first Razer pointer to feature them, and they allow for a damn-near instantaneous response upon clicking. How? Well, most mice use internal metal contacts to register your clicks, and that slows things down due to the technological jiggery pokery required for cleaning up the resulting signals. By contrast the Viper’s Optical Switches don’t need physical contact at all. They utilise an infrared light beam instead that shoots an electrical signal straight to your computer. Basically, this means the Viper reacts fast. Very fast.

When combined with 8 programmable buttons and that ambidextrous design, you have a formidable device on your hands. In fact, it’s arguably the best left-handed gaming mouse on the market.